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Some healthy kick-starts

A healthier 2015

* Get yourself a healthy cookbook for some foodspiration, i love,  a scrumptious cookbook and a delight to the eye and stomach, it’s packed with vegan recipes,as well as sugar and gluten-free ideas.
* Exercise more outdoor and stock up on vitamin D, grab your bike or put on your running shoes and hit the roads,even better get some friends involved,and make it more fun. Why not join our mini retreat at the end of January and start the new year with some yoga, pilates and healthy goodies!!
* Ditch the dairy which is a huge cause of inflammation in the body and make your own nut milk, its fun and a much healthier option. Check out . Other things to cut down on are sugar, alcohol and refined foods, the more natural the better!
* Spend more time relaxing this year, take up meditation,qi giong and breathe your way to a calmer mind.
* Drink more water.Forget expensive lotions and potions. Whether you want shinier hair, younger skin, a healthier body (or all three!), pure, clear water is the world's best beauty elixir.
* Spend more time with friends and people you love - kiss and touch more, Laughter and touch create natural endorphins which keep you happy!