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Keah's Get up and Go smoothie

Avocado smoothie with raw chocolate goji berries I am always on the go and sometimes i have to see clients really early and need something i can whip up in less than 5 minutes , this smoothie is really delicious so i wanted to share it with you! It's really filling , so deliciously creamy and just the right amount of chocolatey. You won't even know there is avocado in there. A great healthy dairy free snack for kids and adults. Avocado is great as it has Vit E,K and B which regulates metabolism, blood sugar and is a great source of fibre and also makes your skin glow. The raw Cacao will give you a great energy boost and has a lot benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. Berries and Goji berries are wonderful antioxidants. Ingredients: A pinch of Frozen berries 1 frozen banana Half an avocado Raw cocoa goji berries A cup of coconut milk (I use Kara coconut milk) or water depending on how creamy you like it, blend with ice if you prefer it really cold. Enjoy xx