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Manifesting what you want

How amazing is the Law of Attraction?! How incredible is it to know that we can have whatever we desire if we believe and ask in the right way?There is no need to give up what you truly desire for another person or because you think you cant have it.
I manifested my current partner, and he his everything i am thankful for, but he came at the right time in my life , a time when i was ready to realise i already am love, and i don't need another person to be love. 
In the next few weeks i will be documenting how i manifest what i desire for the next stage of life. 

Firstly i offer what i desire up to the universe and come from a place of calm, patience,love and no fear. I ask myself am i ready to receive what i ask for? And then move with confidence and openness to receive.

How are you manifesting things in your life?