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Shine Bright

I work with lots of people and the thing i noticed was , how calm relaxed and myself i was around children. Kids are always bright, shining and full of energy. They are mostly themselves and never reallly mean to harm if they say bad things.

As human beings we often compare ourselves to others,judging ourselves for the sake of others. This will dim your inner lights, and not let you reach your full potential. You will be dipping into your low vibrational self.

That is why it is so important to choose who you surround yourself with. Surrounding yourself with people who constantly dim their own lights by gossiping, jealousy, and bitching about others will drain your true shinning energy and leave you as drained as they are and inauthentic.
Reach as high as u can reach, don't feel threatened and feel u need to be less than who you really are for the opinion of others.

Connect less with people who are negative and want to  connect over negative things. Connect with people who want you to shine and be your true authentic self.