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Sleep your way to better health

You may have noticed that in our society, there is an expectation that we should have a nearly permanent positive attitude. Even though it’s normal, and probably even healthy, to sometimes feel down or negative, the whole culture sometimes gives us the message that we ought to be outgoing, energetic, and productive all the time.
Even though almost no one is really like this, you can begin to suspect there’s something wrong with you if you’re not always sunny and happy. These social demands, along with our own perfectionism, can be quite exhausting! Of course, when PMS fatigue or depression is added on top of this, it adds even more stress.

Take a step back for a moment though, and consider the impact on the whole body. Look at the signs, are you fatigued? Is it time to take a a day or more rest?
Spend time chilling at home, on the couch, maybe never even getting out of your pyjamas. Feeling fatigue may just be a message from your body telling you that you need to slow down, rest, and take it easy for a bit.