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Sophie Stanbury - Reflexology during pregnancy

Keah: Had you ever tried reflexology before and how different was reflexology for assisting labour induction?

SS: Yes I have had reflexology before but this was much more intense and deeply relaxing at the same time as it relieved a lot of tension but at the same time there were parts that were quite painful.

Keah: How many sessions did you have?

SS: Previously I have had 5 or 6 sessions but this time I only had time for one before the baby was born How did you feel after the session? S: I felt much more relaxed after the session, I slept much better from then on and my stress and tension were gone. I did have lots of Braxton Hicks but no contractions.

Keah: Would you recommend reflexology to moms who are Pre and postnatal?

SS: I would highly recommend reflexology for pre and postnatal mums as it really helps you to relax and unwind and relieves a lot of tension.