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Tips and Tricks to help baby sleep

Have you tried reflexology? I have been a reflexologist for over 13 years and reflexology has always done one thing for my clients, it has helped them sleep. I work with a lot of new parents and the thing they talk about most is sleepless nights or that baby can’t sleep. If reflexology can knock a grown man out it can surely help a baby sleep. Here are some tips and tricks to help baby sleep: Burn a lavender or camomile candle just before baby’s bed time, it’s best to use non-synthetic candles or Dab a tiny drop of lavender on your hands with some base oil Whilst baby is feeding start to massage points on the feet below Press very gently on area marked solar plexus, do small circles around that area in an anti-clockwise direction. Press very gently on each toe and gently try to massage any crystals out Do this on both feet for a minute or so. You can repeat 3x a day, but a few minutes is all baby needs. Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to provide for your baby. It is convenient and can be used anywhere at any time. It can help baby with a multitude of issues such as colic, constipation, teething, stuffiness, and simple rest and relaxation. Parents have the tool of reflexology right at their own fingertips.